Quiver & Quill by A. M. Kore (ePUB)

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Quiver & Quill (Tenebra City #1) by A. M. Kore – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to Eventide Falls University… where the only thing stranger than its monstrous student body population is the fact that its mascot is an emu…

You are an ambitious graduate student who ventures to the quaint town of Eventide Falls to pursue your Master’s degree at its eponymously-named university. Desiring to open your horizons, you’ve chosen EFU not only for its celebrated liberal arts programs, but for its monstrous student body.
Surrounded by the likes of vampires and orcs and minotaurs and fairies, you, a human, stick out like a sore thumb, but are excited for the adventure that awaits. All you need to do to continue to enjoy your colorful new life is keep your GPA above a certain average to maintain your full-ride scholarship.
Unfortunately, a certain half-moth-half-fae professor with silvery wings and expressive antennae seems hell-bent on coming between you and your perfect grades. Proper, prim, and poised, the arrogant man may be the most infuriating person you’ve ever met.
Greek mythology isn’t quite your forte, but you’re determined to come out on top and ace his class. You always did like a good challenge — especially if it meant you could give Professor Gideon M. Dulcis a run for his money.
If only there wasn’t something about his smoldering red eyes that makes your heart quiver.

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