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queen of clubs, alisha williams

Queen Of Clubs (High Roller Omegas) by Alisha Williams – Free eBooks Download


My whole life, there was never a place I called my home.

Because home wasn’t a place to me, it was a person. Three people to be exact. Everett, Griffin and Zane. Three boys who always protected me against the harsh reality of our world. That is, until they aged out of the system before me.
All the promises that were made were then broken. They left me behind and made a name for themselves as rock stars and never looking back.
The next few years left me broken and closed off until it was my turn to leave. I had nothing and nowhere to go. That was until I found High Roller omegas.
For years, I’ve worked there, found a new home within the walls of the building itself and the girls that worked there.
I was doing fine, happy enough. Until one night, the three people I never thought I’d see again come in for a little bit of fun. All alphas now.
They’re shocked to see me, to find out the omega I’ve become.
Now that I’m back in their life, they won’t let me go and somehow manage to convince me to go on tour with them.
And I’m about to find out just how not perfect their life is because life isn’t meant to be sex, drugs and rock N roll.

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