Quartz Mountain by Audrey Lynn (ePUB)

quartz mountain, audrey lynn

Quartz Mountain (The Lost Realm #1) by Audrey Lynn – Free eBooks Download


Caught between two worlds, she holds a power that could change everything…

Avery Hollis has always preferred being outside in the rugged Montana mountains than indoors. On an annual camping trip at Quartz Mountain with her twin sister, Avery wants nothing more than to explore the wilderness. When a brutal bear attack propels Avery into Aeritis, the land of the Fae, Avery is left unsure of her sister’s fate back in Montana.
Rescued from near death by Savine, a jaded rebel leader, Avery finds herself trapped in an intricate world of power and magic with no way home. As Savine battles to overthrow the tyrant king, Avery becomes an unwitting pawn in his game of strategy and rebellion.
But Savine’s reasons for saving Avery are more than political. He senses an awakening within Avery—a power that could shatter the boundaries of their world. Yet, the undeniable connection between them could bring them together in a way neither of them ever expected.

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