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purity, ellie bradshaw

Purity (Claiming Virtue #1) by Ellie Bradshaw – Free eBooks Download


Charlie Bishop is a godless heathen. And now I belong to him.
My father wanted to keep us apart, so he had Charlie locked away. Now he demands that I marry someone else.
I should avoid Charlie Bishop like the plague. He’s a vicious, brutal man. But I can’t pretend I don’t still feel his arms around me, smell him on my skin. I can’t pretend that I don’t feel my body drawn to his, even if the consequences will be disastrous.
A lot of things can seem like a good idea when you’re being forced into an arranged marriage. Like turning my back on my whole life and running away with a bad man who has every reason to hate me.
Now that he has me…totally…completely…he’s showing me that sometimes you have to leave everything behind and get really…really…dirty to find out who you truly are.

Purity Everett was sheltered. Privileged. Sinless. Until the night she got into my car.
A lot of things can seem like a good idea when you’ve got nothing to lose. Like skipping bail and running away with the girl that I should stay far away from. She brings out the beast in me. Her preacher father had me thrown in jail to keep me away from her. But she’s mine. It’s just a matter of getting my hands on her. And hell, I’m good at stealing.
Her family took everything from me. Made me run. So I will take what is precious to them. Their pure little girl will be with me. Learning lessons they never taught her in church. And she’ll love every filthy minute of it.

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