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pura vida, courtney w dixon

Pura Vida (Ohana Surfing Club #2) by Courtney W. Dixon – Free eBooks Download


To push past the trauma, it takes family and unexpected love to achieve the Pura Vida way of life.

I struggled with change, unable to deal with the divorce of my parents, and my dad coming out as bisexual. He found a man to love, and as I tried to adapt, I sought companionship and love with a young man, and foster son to my father’s lover. On the surface, Mateo seemed like any other cute boy you’d want to get to know. Deep down, he was complex and soulful. But that complexity came with a price. He was closed off, making it difficult to get to know him. How could I help him through his pain if he didn’t let me?

Life on a stunning island isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for us locals. It trapped us with limited options. Some of us rise above it, while others crash and burn. I was one of those who burned. A traumatic experience as a child left me riddled with anxiety and PTSD, which pushed me over the edge into drug addiction. I’d been clean for four years after finding a new family, but with a chance at finding love, my world threatened to collapse around me as the lure of drugs called to me once more.
Can Lucy breach Mateo’s thick walls enough for her to help him with his pain? Will Mateo resist the hunger of his addiction? Will young love be able to withstand the complexities of life that are tossed their way?

CW: Murder of a parent, homelessness, drug abuse, addiction, PTSD, mental health issues, explicit language, sex, and violence.
This book can be read as a standalone, but like any series, it’s always appreciated more if read in order.
This is a M/F New Adult Romance

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