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Pumpkin Cream Pie (Welcome to Morningwood Omegaverse #7) by Kiki Burrelli – Free eBooks Download


A young man with a turbulent past meets the only man with a hand steady enough to tame him.

Seamus is a nineteen-year-old falcon shifter with a bad reputation, just ask anyone. Growing up in the insulated all-shifter town of Morningwood, there isn’t a person around who doesn’t remember each of his mistakes and they aren’t afraid to throw them in his face at every chance. He’d leave town entirely if it weren’t for his little brother and his stupid hope that Morningwood is where he belongs.

Leo Thibodeaux recently returned to Morningwood after his father died, leaving the leadership of the rabbit clan up to Leo. Widowed and a single father, Leo tries to do the best he can for his son, his pack, and his town.

When Seamus nearly burns down Morningwood University, he’s given a choice, go to jail or do the repairs under the tutelage of Leo. Seamus expects Leo to treat him like everyone else does, but amazingly, while Leo does command respect, he doesn’t look down his nose at Seamus. It doesn’t take long for Seamus to realize that Leo isn’t at all like the others. He makes Seamus feel protected, like he can turn his life around, he can be a friend, a better brother, a mate.

Leo recognizes that the timing isn’t ideal. He was meant to mentor Seamus, but there is nothing he can do when the beast inside him recognizes his mate. They agree to keep their relationship behind closed doors, at least until the repairs can be done, but even that comes with its own risk.

Meanwhile, there’s a spooky mystery in Morningwood. Someone—or something—is digging up old bones from the local cemetery and leaving them around town. It sounds like a stunt Seamus might have pulled, but this time he’s innocent. But as his past deeds place him under suspicion, Seamus knows the true culprit must be found, or he’ll lose everything.

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