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Pucking Royal (Deadly Puck Daddies #5) by Zack Wish – Free eBooks Download


Edward Harper-Reign may be landed gentry back in England, but the thirty-six year old Ice Bears goalie is as rough, tough, and ruthless as they come – and he’s a Daddy too.
Edward knows he can never return to his old royal life, but that doesn’t stop the paparazzi from harassing him and his loyal corgi Biscuits 24/7. But when Edward is on the ice, he truly feels free to show that even royalty can get down and dirty and take on all comers.
Travis Carter is the Red Dolphins player that opposition fans love to hate. Travis is twenty-three years old, brash, and thinks nothing of pushing the limit every time he plays. Travis might be portrayed as a villain on the ice but off it he loves nothing more than ball pits, stuffies, and snuggles – and he’d love nothing more than a Daddy to call his own too.
Edward and Travis may play for rival teams, but after a bruising playoff game they find that they have too much in common – and way too much chemistry – to ignore. It might be a forbidden love, but both Edward and Travis know they must take a chance for love.
However, when the Ice Bears mafia owners discovers that Edward is fraternising with a rival team’s player, they insist that Edward must end the relationship immediately or there will be serious and irreversible consequences.
Edward walked away from his royal life to be his true self. But with Travis’ life in suddenly danger, will Edward have to walk away once more?

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