Pucking My Baby’s Daddy by Livvy Stone (ePUB)

pucking baby's daddy, livvy stone

Pucking My Baby’s Daddy (Pucking Hot Hockey Billionaires #4) by Livvy Stone – Free eBooks Download


I’m the father of my best friend’s sister’s son—only she doesn’t know it.
When I met Layla Craig years ago, I didn’t know she was my best friend’s off-limits sister—
all I knew is she was a bombshell and I wanted her badly.
One night we had a sizzling secret encounter and pledged to become inseparable.
Yet fate had other plans.
Drafted by the NHL, I left town.
My calls unanswered, I tried to forget her—but never could.
Six years later, I’m back home for the off-season.
Running into the love of my life again feels like a thunderbolt.
Learning she has a son who looks just like me hits me like a slapshot to my gut.
And her not knowing I’m the father stabs me in the heart.
Her protective brother suggests I become Layla’s fake fiancé to keep her psycho ex at bay—warning me it must be purely pretend.
But our chemistry crackles with sizzling attraction, pulling us together with an irresistible force…
…and this is my chance to win Layla’s and our son’s hearts.
My trophies and billions will mean nothing if I can’t have my family together.

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