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Psycho Cop (A Possessive Man #17) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


There’s generally two types of people and therefore two types of cop.
Good cop, bad cop.
Good person, bad person.
I’m behind door number three though.
Psycho cop.
That’s what the papers are calling me anyways.
My commanding officer has some more colorful phrases, but my conviction rate is off the charts and criminals still sweat bullets when they hear my name mentioned.
After failing my annual psychiatric review and with a slew of civil cases against me and the department, I know I’ve reached the end of a chapter.
Suspension at least but even a bad detective could tell you how this one really ends.
If I lose my career, my only cover for what I really do to rid the world of evil scum, the only thing I can do to stop my own nightmares… then it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m caught myself.
Sharing a cage with all the animals I helped lock up? Not gonna happen.
But the Chief has another problem, more pressing.
I’m not the only psycho still walking free today, and the city’s most notorious and sadistic killer has just escaped custody.
It’s another day at the office for me though and Johnny psycho is always gonna come knocking on a cop’s door at some point after being released or escaping.
I mean, I get it. I’d do the same. A favor for a favor.
Lock me up, I’ll get out. And when I do, I’ll find you and cut off your face then feed it to you.
But the Chief’s not worried about his own safety.
It’s his daughter. The one I never even knew he had.
The most incredible girl I’ve ever set eyes on, knowing in an instant that I want her. That I need her.
So when I see the word ‘mine’ carved into her photograph, I know our killer has got it all wrong.
Clearly, she belongs to me, so it should read “Yours”.
And she will be.
If I can beat Psycho number two at his own game, that is.
And if she won’t run a mile once she finds out why they call me Psycho Cop for all the right reasons.

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