Proving Her Heart by Miranda Martin (ePUB)

proving her heart, miranda martin

Proving Her Heart (Red Planet Fated Mates #5) by Miranda Martin – Free eBooks Download


In the unforgiving embrace of Tajss, where survival is more than just enduring, I’ve become Captain Nyanna, a leader born from the wreckage of our crashed ship. Life on the red planet, under the double red suns, demands more than mere existence—it requires thriving, finding hope in the barren landscape, and embracing love among the shifting sands.
As the Zmaj, dragon-like aliens native to Tajss, integrate into our struggle for survival, a spark of renewed purpose ignites within our band of survivors. Love blossoms, intertwining the fates of humans and Zmaj, proving that even in the harshest of environments, hope and connection thrive.
Yet, amid orchestrating the flourishing love stories of those I guide, my own heart has remained untethered. I’ve had my gaze fixed on one Zmaj in particular, but he hasn’t made his move. Now, with a mission to acquire a plant called epis that holds the key to our survival, I see my opportunity. It’s time to prove that I am the treasure he has been seeking, the missing piece that completes his journey.

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