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protector, ellie kent

Protector (Kings of the First District #3) by Ellie Kent – Free eBooks Download


Life was always pretty simple for me. Live each day as it comes and see what happens.
But when circumstances change, I’m sent to live with my mother, who works for the most notorious mafia leader in all of the Districts.
I anticipated drama, strict rules and less simplicity.
But what I never predicted was her.
She was so young when I first saw her.
Vulnerable and lost and in dire need of my protection.
But as the years went by, my protection for her grew stronger, my need for her went deeper.
And before I knew it, there was no one else in the world I wanted more than Bonnie Rhivers.
And I would carry that and my love to the grave.
I’m invisible. Hidden. Practically a ghost who spends the day haunting the mansion I grew up in.
My daddy didn’t want me, nor did he want the world to know about me.
So like a princess locked in her tower, I grew up with almost nothing.
Until one day, a boy walks through the gates and into my life that even daddy’s force couldn’t stop.
He became my best friend, my soul mate, my protector.
And nothing and no one, would break us apart, not now I’d finally started living.
But here’s the thing about fairytales,
they don’t exist and life is tragic.
And in the end, even love is not enough to save you.

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