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protecting tiffani, a greene

Protecting Tiffani (Love in the Bootheel #1) by A. Greene – Free eBooks Download


Being the mayor’s daughter in a small town isn’t easy.
There was a reputation that I had to uphold, and falling for the poor boy wasn’t part of the plan.
But I couldn’t stop my heart from falling for him.
I thought he loved me and wanted forever, just like me, but watching him run away from me at our high school graduation proved how wrong I was.
Not only did he run away from me, he ran from the whole town, leaving everyone behind questioning why.
Life as I knew it ended, Levi didn’t know it, but he took everything with him that day.
Now I’m barely surviving in a town that reminds me of the one person who said he would always protect me.
Jokes on me the only person who will protect you is yourself.

Four years ago, I stood in the hallway of my high school and broke the heart of the only girl I’d ever loved.
I watched her crumble and heard her plea for me not to do this, to not leave her, but I had no other choice. I had to.
It was the only way, the only way to
protect her,
protect myself,
protect my family.
I took the coward’s way out. Instead of fighting for what I wanted most, I ran. I joined the Marines became one of “The few. The Proud.” I was anything but proud.
Not only did I run, but I forced myself to stay away. I knew I couldn’t keep myself away from her if I ever came back.
One phone call changed it all.
Now I’m running back to the town I don’t want to be in, the town I can’t be in.
Protecting Tiffani cost me everything.

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