Protecting the Billionaire Omega by Lydia Thorn (ePUB)

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Protecting the Billionaire Omega (Alpha Protection Service of Miami #4) by Lydia Thorn – Free eBooks Download


He just needs to mate to get his inheritance; he never thought he could want more.

There isn’t an alpha alive who can match Alexis’s overpowering pheromones. He takes control, subdues, and conquers. He loves the power that comes with watching alphas fall to their knees.
Because no alpha can challenge him, he has no desire to mate.
Until his father issues an ultimatum.
Mate with an alpha and birth the next in line within six months!
Finding a mate should be easy enough, but someone is doing everything they can to make sure it never happens. Every alpha he had chosen had left him never to return.
He contacts the Alpha Protection Service of Miami to ensure the next alpha can mate with no issues.
But Stefan is striking, an alpha of exquisite quality, so why not kill two birds with one stone?
Alexis plans to make him his. Even if it is for one night.

“Once I unleash my pheromones, this alpha will break just like all the rest—”
“Wait…he’s resisting me…?”

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