Protecting the Athlete by Cami Checketts (ePUB)

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Protecting the Athlete (Billionaire Bodyguard) by Cami Checketts – Free eBooks Download


Two top security operatives tasked to protect a billionaire playboy athlete. What happens when they fall in love with each other instead?

Myra Tueller, a tough female warrior, is assigned to ‘pretend’ to date the famous football player Beau Alexander in order to keep him safe. Beau is a philandering jerk, but Myra has no problem knocking him on his backside. Her ‘problem’ is her irrational crush on her partner Ike Porter. Even though Ike appears to be a closed-off machine, the way she catches him looking at her tells her otherwise. Myra is mesmerized by Ike, but has to keep her focus if she wants to keep her job.
Ike Porter, a retired Army Ranger, has been trained from childhood to be a bionic soldier. Emotion and relationships are not part of his makeup. When he bucked against his training and fell in love years ago, his fiancee was murdered. Ike learned his lesson and promised to never let his guard down again. But when Ike is partnered with Myra on his next assignment, he’s not sure he’s up to the task. How is he supposed to work alongside the enthralling ‘Woman Warrior’ and keep his heart safe? One glance of her deep-brown eyes or touch of her hand and he’s rethinking his life plan.

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