Protected By the Fae King by Vera Rivers (ePUB)

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Protected by the Fae King (Fae King of Goldhaven Duet #1) by Vera Rivers – Free eBooks Download


Faking a relationship with a fae king–my brother’s best friend? It’s as wild as it sounds.
Caught in a whirlwind of royal deceptions and dark secrets, I’m playing a dangerous game.
And the stakes? They’re higher than ever.
My brother has always protected me, guarding me from those coveting my rare magic.
Now that I am old enough to get married, the risks around me intensify, magnifying the dangers I face. To keep me safe, my brother sends me to the Fae King of Goldhaven, so he can keep an eye on me.
Entangled in a web of secrets and forbidden magic, I find myself faking a relationship with my brother’s best friend. He’s the epitome of everything I should avoid—arrogant, dangerously alluring, and my only refuge in this chaos.
In the glittering courts of Goldhaven, I wear a mask of normalcy, playing the role Jace needs. But our fake relationship blurs into something real, something perilously close to love.
But as we navigate this new situation, a chilling truth emerges—something dark flows through my blood.
With every beat of my heart, I could be a step closer to becoming the very thing we fear the most. And as our facade crumbles, we’re left on the brink of a revelation that could shatter our world forever.

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