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Property Of JoeJoe (Savage Knights MC) by Landry Hill – Free eBooks Download


There are two red flags when it comes to RiffRaff, a brother of The Savage Knights MC. The first is the fact that he’s allergic to commitment. He’s made it very clear that he’s never settling down. He’s never going to be tied down to a ball and chain, which usually would be a bonus since I’m not looking to get married right now.
But the second red flag is the reason I keep my distance. Every time he’s near, my stomach flutters and my heart starts to race. The way I long for his attention, how I yearn to see his smile is a major warning sign. Huge. And the last thing I need is to go down a dead-end path leading straight to heartbreak.
Which is why with him, I keep things strictly platonic.

Yet, for some reason, Riff doesn’t seem to take the hint. And lately, he’s been trying to push the boundaries of our friendship. He’s been trying to tempt me with his wicked ways. And the more he tries, the harder he is to resist.

One thing is now certain, though. I should’ve followed my gut. Instead, I’ve ended up exactly where I expected. Heartbroken.

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