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Prison of Wings (Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night) by Lexi Ostrow – Free eBooks Download


Humans have it all wrong. Angels are royalty, not heavenly sky-dwellers.

Princess Maira’s world caught fire and burned the day her family overheard a rival family’s plans to destroy them all. To protect their scheme, the other family killed her father and locked away her mother.
To prevent Maira from revealing the plot, they transformed her, cursed her to a swan’s form. But there’s a loophole—for one hour each night, she’s herself again.
When she reveals herself to Xander, he knows nothing of the beautiful angel he sees. But she makes his heart beat faster with every glance.
He doesn’t understand where she goes when he leaves, but he’s determined to win her heart.
Humans are forbidden to angels, but Xander is the only person—angel or human—Maira can trust.
Only true love’s kiss can break the curse.
An hour a day is all they have. And the clock is ticking down.

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