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Princess Perfect (Rich and Royal #3) by Jen Katemi – Free eBooks Download


A desperate princess determined to escape the shadow of her past. A thief who never expected to steal her royal heart.

When Princess Isabella hires a jewel thief to steal the famous Leonioro necklace from her own family, she plans to use the proceeds to start a new life beyond the influence of her overbearing mother. She never expects to fall for the thief. She certainly never expects to discover that her so-called thief is actually Prince Marco of Galdarnia, younger brother of the man to whom Isabella is supposedly betrothed.

Throw in attempted blackmail, an accidental baby, and the risk that if she steps out of line someone might die, and Isabella’s life is admittedly a hot damn mess.
And yet, still no one can see past the perfect princess facade to the real woman within. No one except Marco, that is. He sees beyond the facade, and he likes what he sees. A lot. The only thing is, Marco enjoys life on the wrong side of the law. He’s addicted to the adrenaline rush.

If Marco hooks up with Izzy, will they bring each other completely undone? Or will their liaison teach this couple that sometimes, being accepted for who you really are, is more important than being perfect?

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