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princes of sin, amanda richardson

Princes of Sin (Darkness #3) by Amanda Richardson – Free eBooks Download


Play dangerous games… win dangerous prizes.

It starts with revenge.
A decade ago, I embraced death–or so they believe.
It’s my life’s mission to make the Lords of Darkness pay for their actions.
A perfectly-timed opportunity propels me into the heart of the malevolent order that shattered my very existence.
From the smoldering ruins of the Lords of Darkness emerges the Princes of Sin: a secret brotherhood with fresh faces and dark desires—myself included.
I slither through the shadows–a viper biding its time to strike.
But the four other Princes of Sin soon become distractions, each with their own captivating mysteries.
Most importantly, I’ve overlooked a crucial truth: the Lords of Darkness are omniscient, and their retribution looms.
Never betray your brethren–and never never underestimate the power of the Lords.
I’m no longer looking for revenge.
I’m only looking to survive.

Princes of Sin is book three in a dark why choose romance series. It is a spin-off of the first two books, and the characters do overlap. Please note: this book is a standalone, but it is suggested you read it after the first two books in the series. Please proceed with caution and heed the trigger warnings. Your mental health matters.

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