Pride and Privilege by Rachel Rowan (ePUB)

pride and privilege, rachel rowan

Pride and Privilege (Entitled Love: The Novels #2) by Rachel Rowan – Free eBooks Download


When you’re stuck sharing a flat with a man known as Lecherous Dave to save money, you’ll do anything for a leg up at work—even if rumours say that requires cosying up to the boss’s son. Fortunately for admin assistant Poppy, he’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, she’s just drunkenly laughed in his face and accused him of tax avoidance. And she’s about to make it worse…
Roscoe Blackton has sacrificed sleep and sanity to land a senior role at London’s biggest wealth management firm. The fact his dad owns the whole company has nothing to do with it—or so he tells himself. But he can’t escape the whispers of nepotism, and his new assistant makes it horrifyingly clear everyone believes climbing him is the best way to climb the corporate ladder.
Desperate to prove he’s more than his background, Roscoe realises Poppy might have the answer—if they can ever recover from their disastrous first impressions. She could teach him how to live without privilege, while he can give her a true taste of luxury. But as their social experiment causes their personal lives to become hopelessly entangled, keeping things professional gets complicated.
He’s her boss. She’s his assistant. But they’re both adults. They know what they’re doing. And they’re definitely, absolutely, obviously not going to fall for each other…right?

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