Prickly Orange by Catherine Lievens (ePUB)

prickly orange, catherine lievens

Prickly Orange (Ogorth Clan #7) by Catherine Lievens – Free eBooks Download


Being prickly doesn’t keep everyone away.

Ruy is the dragon in charge of the palace, and he takes his job seriously. When the queen announces she’ll welcome a human delegation to sign an alliance and assigns one of the new clan humans to help him, he knows the human will only complicate his life.
Christian does, but not in the way that Ruy expected.
Christian recently moved to the palace, and he’s not sure of his place with the clan yet. When he’s offered the job of prepping the palace and organizing the stay of the human delegation, he’s happy to help, even though it means he has to work with a prickly orange dragon whose expressions he can’t read.
But maybe Ruy isn’t that prickly after all, and maybe Christian isn’t that much of a complication.
Not everyone is happy about the alliance, though, and when someone poisons the leader of the human delegation, the Ogorth clan finds itself in danger again.

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