Pretty Vile by R.A. Smyth (ePUB)

pretty vile, ra smyth

Pretty Vile (The Ruthless Boys of Ridgeway #2) by R.A. Smyth – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been dead inside for such a long time that I’d forgotten what it felt like to be alive… Until I met her.

Emilia Harrison. The woman I swore to protect. The one putting cracks in my walls and threatening to undo all my hard work keeping the ghosts of my past at bay.
She was only meant to be a job. I never anticipated that everything would get so complicated, but there’s no denying the effect she has on me.
One kiss had me coming undone, feeling alive for the first time in years. I was finally ready to put the ghosts that haunt me to rest… Except, now she’s missing.
Surely, fate can’t be so cruel as to deal me the same hand twice? I won’t lose her. Not now when she’s finally working things out with Hawk, and she and Wilder still have so much left to resolve.

The pain of my past hasn’t been this raw and exposed in a long time. I thought I’d come to terms with what happened, but I won’t survive this a second time.

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