Pretty Lovely Lies by Heidi Stark (ePUB)

pretty lovely lies, heidi stark

Pretty Lovely Lies by Heidi Stark – Free eBooks Download


“I’m on the run from an evil mob boss who is obsessed with me and my daughter. So when the opportunity of a lifetime comes to get the heck out of town and marry a millionaire, I jump at the chance!”
Alina lives in poverty with her daughter, Yara, constantly on the run from her cruel ex. But now she
has the opportunity to start a new chapter–a life in America with a wealthy, handsome man who promises her and her daughter the world. But, as Alina has learned, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is–and this time is no exception.
Caught in the crosshairs of two cruel, rich predators, Alina must do everything in her power to save her daughter and herself from a fate worse than death. But can she trust the dashing FBI Agent Morello, or is he just another bad life choice in different packaging?

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