Pretty Little Tainted by Terri Anne Browning (ePUB)

pretty little tainted, terri anne browning

Pretty Little Tainted (Rocker Universe, 3rd Gen #1) by Terri Anne Browning – Free eBooks Download


My secrets were as dark as my soul. From the moment I was born, my purpose was drilled into me—carry out revenge against the woman who had stolen everything from my adoptive family.
One look at Abi and I began to question everything I’d ever been told.
When I saw her smile, I felt alive, the sound of her sweet laughter like a balm to my ravaged soul. Until I met her, I didn’t even think I had a heart, but with each heated glance from those startling blue eyes, I finally understood.
She didn’t know it, but she’d changed everything. Three decades of meticulous planning were wiped away with a simple pout of her lips. Now, I had a new reason for existing. But that put a target on her back.
To protect her, I will turn my back on the only family I’d ever known.

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