Pregnant Kidnapped Mate by Ruby Knoxx (ePUB)

pregnant kidnapped mate, ruby knoxx

Pregnant Kidnapped Mate (Silver Wolves Black Ops #6) by Ruby Knoxx – Free eBooks Download


My black ops ex kidnapped me and knocked me up…
I’m the outsider, the bullied one, used to abuse.
Until my ex comes by, gets all primal, and locks me up in his private prison.
When he shows me he’s a wolf, I run like hell. But he drags me back and puts his pup in my belly…
I know what it’s like to be subjected to mockery and bullying. I’m the weird psychic no one accepts.
But when he locks me up, things are taken to a next level.
He says it’s for my own good, that he’s protecting me.
But he’s a monster…a savage wolf that might eat me alive.
But as much as I tell myself to be afraid of him, I’ve stopped caring that he dragged me here.
All I care about is the way he makes me tremble when we’re alone.
All I care about is the way he strokes the shame out of my body.
But when I’m chained up and helpless, wanting nothing but him…will he leave me dangling?
Or will he scorch the earth for his mate and pup?

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