Pregnant By My Stepbrother by Cassandra Dee (ePUB)

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Pregnant By My Stepbrother (The Forbidden Fun #31) by Cassandra Dee – Free eBooks Download


Tim: The bachelor auction was the worst thing that ever happened to me. We had to get on stage shirtless, our chests coated in gooey, slick oil. Even worse, there were a bunch of middle-aged ladies with too much lipstick and too much money fluttering their lashes at me. No thanks, I’ll pass. My evening was ruined – that is, until a certain sassy curvy girl steps up to bid.

Lina: Tim doesn’t remember who I am. A long time ago, our parents were married, and we lived down the hall from one another. My stepbrother was a gorgeous, hunky football player, while I was a dorky, nerdy girl with knobby knees and braces. Now I’m back, but I’ve changed. Gone are the buckteeth and cowlicks, and in their place are sassy curves that go on for days. But what happens when I get pregnant? Will my stepbrother claim his rightful place as my babydaddy, or will he leave me to raise our child on my own?

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