Possessed By the Alien Prince by Krista Luna (ePUB)

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Possessed By the Alien Prince (Fated Mates of the Varool #2) by Krista Luna – Free eBooks Download


I do not need to trust my fated mate. I need to claim her.

Of all the crap I have to deal with, this takes the cake. The aliens blame me for shooting down the varoolian king’s shuttle. As a military colonel, I’ve wronged the warrior aliens in the past. But not this time.
I’ll offer anything to prove I didn’t do it—even my body. I’ll marry a Varool and use his access to find the real assailant.
I’m a soldier, not a pretty princess. So I’m stunned when the gorgeous prince claims me. Lun’s delicious touch sets me on fire.
But orders force me to tell one stinking lie after another. The more I get to know the brave, noble alien, the more I like him. And the more I worry he’ll hate me forever.

Dismay grips me as my brother’s damaged shuttle crash-lands in hostile wilderness. As prince of the Varool, I should focus on ruling my people. Yet I must know if my brother lives.
Although Tandy potentially ordered the missile strike, her smell snags my senses and sets my blood racing. She is my fated mate. Despite the danger, I claim her.
Our interests seem to align as we search the untamed planet, ready to discover the truth. Her beauty and strength tempt me at every turn, yet how can I trust her? Did she mate me to get close enough to kill me?

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