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Pollen In Love (The Wedding Party) by Magnolia Montgomery – Free eBooks Download


Always the florist, never the bride.

My family means well, but I’m sick of them asking when it’ll be me getting married. And don’t get my mother started on grandbabies. They act like I wouldn’t love to find my own happily ever after instead of watching from the sidelines as bride after bride tosses a perfectly crafted bouquet—thanks to yours truly—to women desperate to claim the next proposal. Will it ever be my turn?

All my daughter has to do is toss some petals on the ground before the bride tramples them. It can’t be that hard. So how did I get suckered into this? Just because I’m the only friend with an age-appropriate kid, I’m stuck attending wedding festivities and fielding horribly veiled flirtations from desperate women while my daughter easily charms everyone. I did this song and dance once. That was enough for me. So why does one glimpse of her have me hearing wedding bells?

From bridesmaids to single parents, from florists to unwelcome guests, every member of the wedding party has a story to tell, and love is always in the air. So grab a glass of champagne, indulge in some wedding cake, and prepare to be swept off your feet by these delightful stories of love found in The Wedding Party.

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