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Poison Heart (Toxic Hearts) by Mae Pierce – Free eBooks Download


Her marriage was a lie.

Anita Orazio had never been interested in any man before she met her handsome new husband. He’d courted her with a relentless energy, and she’d fallen hard and fast, like a fool. Until she overheard him saying he only married her to get an introduction to The Gardener.
Everybody in Greenich Bay whispered the name of the reclusive assassin. The anonymous poisoner who could provide wares for anyone who could afford him, or find him.
Romeo needed help from The Gardener and he’d made a deal to marry Anita to get it. He was heir to the Orazio empire, but if he didn’t act soon, there would be no legacy to inherit. A dark poison was running through the veins of his father’s organization. The only way to combat it was a stronger poison. Romeo hadn’t wanted to marry, and Anita was too sweet, too innocent for the world he lived in. He had to keep his distance, even if it broke him.

But Anita had a secret, one her husband would kill for. He wanted an introduction to the famed poisoner, The Gardener?
Too bad he didn’t realize he’d married her.

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