Plundered by Tana Stone (ePUB)

plundered, tana stone

Plundered (Raider Warlords of the Vandar #2) by Tana Stone – Free eBooks Download


My sister gave herself to the raider warlord to save me. Now I’m hunting him down and getting her back.

I’ve never forgiven myself for letting that brute drag her off my ship, and I’ve done nothing but search for his horde of warships since he let my ship go free.
Everyone knows the Vandar raiders are cruel and merciless, so when my ship is attacked by another of the alien race’s warlords, I expect to be blown out of the sky. Instead, he takes me as his captive.
I may be the warlord’s prize, but no way will I submit to his demands. Even if his hard body and fiery eyes ignite a desire in me like nothing have before.
Despite my captivity, I’m still determined to find my sister. This Vandar warrior might not have her, but he knows who does. If I can give him what he wants, maybe he’ll help me find her. But can I risk letting him control more than my body? Can I risk him plundering my heart?

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