Pleasure Rites by Ines Johnson (ePUB)

pleasure rites, ines johnson

Pleasure Rites (Pleasure Rites Romance #1) by Ines Johnson – Free eBooks Download


What starts as a simple ritual soon turns carnal when a monk falls for a betrothed woman under his tutelage.

Growing up in a world where men outnumber women ten to one, I escape a lonely existence and become a Pleasure Monk. When one of our precious, rare women chooses the men who will be her protectors and bondmates, I instruct them in the art of feminine pleasure. Though I can never find a love of my own, at least I have a purpose in teaching others to cater to a woman’s every sexual need.

Or I had a purpose. My services were sought after by many bonded females. Until the day I screwed up. Literally.

Now I have a final chance to redeem myself. If I fail again, the entire Order of Pleasure Monks is in jeopardy. However, when I meet my new charge, all my plans crumble into dust. Lady Chanyn is pure perfection, a blessing from the Goddess, who awakens my heart and my loins. I will risk anything to have her—my brothers, my vows, my future.

I will not stop until she is mine.

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