Please Post Bail, Love Mom by CJ Zahner (ePUB)

please post ball, cj zahner

Please Post Bail, Love Mom by CJ Zahner – Free eBooks Download


Wetherbee Academy is the Harvard of preschools, and Nikki Anderson will sell her soul to get her triplets in.

Only one problem. Her soul might not be worth enough.
Now remarried and raising teens and toddlers, Nikki becomes consumed with a prestigious preschool program. She worries she failed her older children during her first marriage and is convinced enrolling the triplets in Wetherbee will resurrect her as a mother. Unfortunately, she has a nasty habit of breaking rules and bungling tasks.
Then, when a life-altering event steals her time, she ends up cutting corners, muddying motherhood, and hopping into hot water with the law.
Will a trip (or two) to jail ruin her kids’ chances of getting into Wetherbee and her second chance at perfecting parenthood?

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