Playing Pretend with the Prince by Siena Trap (ePUB)

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Playing Pretend with the Prince (The Remington Royals #2) by Siena Trap – Free eBooks Download


I’m not like most women. I don’t have fantasies of finding the perfect man and settling down to have two point five children.
My job is my baby.
My dream position is so close I can taste it, but the rug is pulled out from beneath me when I find out there’s a catch: they want the role filled by someone who is married.
Liam Remington is my best friend, Natalie’s, brother-in-law with a hero complex. We’ve both been living with her for the past three years, helping to raise her four small children after she fled an abusive marriage.
When Liam finds out about the conditions of my promotion, he comes to me with a proposal: we get married on paper. I get a fair shot at my dream job, and he gets his family off his back about finding a wife.
Oh, and did I mention he’s a prince? A second son, but still.
I agree; only because we’ve been roommates for so long, I know we can handle it long-term.
What I wasn’t counting on was the intimate touches, heated glances, and Liam’s over-the-top protectiveness of me as we put on a show as man and wife for both my superiors and his family.
I keep trying to convince myself that I’m just playing pretend with the prince.
Why is it that playing pretend has never felt so real?

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