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I’d been told it a hundred times. “You can’t lose, son. If you spent a million dollars a minute, because of interest and the share in the banks, you’d still be in front.” Steel. Minerals. All the stuff they rip out of the ground and turn into the crap people buy because we tell them too. It’s a scam, sure, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Let me speak plain and simple, if you can buy something from someone, chances are you can buy them too. I’ve learned the easy way that this is how to make more money than you can swing a cat at. Not that I would, I like animals far more than humans, really. Animals are far more likable. But, with money I can do anything with anyone… mostly, apart from her.

The thing is, when you can buy anything you want or have anyone you want, it becomes a lifestyle one gets accustomed to, and even with my newly acquired computer program, IRIS, I felt always as if I had complete control. Well, I had done until I hired the most intellectual woman I ever had the pleasure of meeting. She changed everything, and God knows if my computer program could cope, just from reading my body’s vitals… This whole thing with her saw me come undone, and in more ways than one. Tabitha… you really are a piece of work.

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