Play It Again, Ma’am by Sienna Waters (ePUB)

play it again, sienna waters

Play It Again, Ma’am (Whitebridge #3) by Sienna Waters – Free eBooks Download


Is music really the food of love?

When a tiny lie to her crush leaves barmaid Jules Hawthorne needing to learn to play the piano in just six weeks, she’s determined to get the job done. She’s got a prophecy to fulfill, after all.
Enter Billie Brooke, Whitebridge’s most famous resident, a professional musician who’s just mysteriously returned home with her tail between her legs and more baggage than a moving truck can handle.
Billie’s the only piano teacher in town. Which is unfortunate, since Jules can’t stand the sight of her. Agreeing to lessons with Billie is like signing a deal with the devil. A very sexy devil. One with luscious curves, piercing eyes, and the self-confidence of jell-o. One that Jules finds herself thinking about far more often than she should…
As it turns out, Jules is just what Billie needs. And Billie? Well, she’s got a few hidden talents of her own… Throw in a loquacious four year old musical genius, a get-rich-quick entrepreneur sister (and her best friend), a scheming grandfather, a noticeably absent clairvoyant mother, and a few familiar faces and this could just be a love story for the ages. If Jules and Billie can stop sniping long enough to realize their true feelings, that is…

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