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Play Action Fake (Gridiron Love) by Kameron Claire – Free eBooks Download


Deacon Scott needs a fiancee—like yesterday. As the former star quarterback for the Rocky Mountain Rangers professional football team—a team his family has owned for sixty years—he’s next in line to take the GM position from his father, only to find out his grandfather put a stipulation in the bylaws that any family member taking over the franchise has to be married. Considering he’s as single as single gets, Deacon gets inspiration when he eyes an invitation to his 15-year high school reunion.
A wife is out of the question. Who has the time to foster that kind of relationship? But maybe his grandfather will skip the rule book if he presents him a serious girlfriend rocking an engagement ring…
Now he just needs to find one.
London Black is struggling to keep a roof over her head, much less her car running and bills paid. So when Deacon Scott—the most popular, richest, and sexiest man to every grace their high school hallways—waltzes into their 15-year reunion with an offer of friendship, employment, and a plush bank account, she’s listening. All she has to do is pretend to be his fiancée for the football season and she’s got one-hundred grand in the bank…
Sign her up!
Friendship is easy and their attraction is palpable, but when what’s supposed to be fake starts to feel real, they have to face the hard choices. Will they sell this relationship or will his family throw a flag on their play?

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