Place of Torment by Maya Daniels (ePUB)

place of torment, maya daniels

Place of Torment (Infernal Regions for the Unprepared #4) by Maya Daniels – Free eBooks Download


Does Destiny deliver, or does Fate destroy?
Brooklyn came back to herself only to find she almost took her friend’s life. Drowning in guilt, she blames Dominic for his rash decisions which brought them to this point.
She’s not giving up though.
Alice wished to be anything but a simple human. Could there really be something that can shift the sands of time in their favor? There are so many things that could go wrong.
Will Alice awake to a long-desired reality or a horrible nightmare?
There is always a price to be paid when you make a deal with Fate. The sacrifice is greater when you make a deal with the devil himself.
Brooklyn was more than ready to pay it and have Alice back.
Well, she thought she was ready.
Friendship is what binds them together, and friendship could be what tears them all apart.

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