Pits & Poison: These Godly Lies by R. Raeta (ePUB)

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Pits & Poison: These Godly Lies (The Peaches and Honey Duology #2) by R. Raeta – Free eBooks Download


An immortal love,
a tyrannical god thirsting for power,
and the divine tree that binds them all.

California 1955: After spending eight centuries witnessing the world’s cruelty, Anna has finally found peace in the simple life she’s made for herself. She has her garden and hives to nurture and Khiran, the shapeshifting god who gifted her immortality, to love and to hold. It is, she knows, too good to last.
When her existence is discovered, Anna and Khiran are forced to go into hiding or face the wrath of the reigning god they call The First. Staying together means sacrifices must be made…but they aren’t the only immortals who wish to see The First fall, or the only ones with everything to lose.

One thing is for certain: fear is for them all.

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  • Pits & Poison: These Godly Lies – R. Raeta ePUB



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