Pippi’s Little Prank Day by Allie Belle (ePUB)

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Pippi’s Little Prank Day (Holidays at Rawhide Ranch) by Allie Belle – Free eBooks Download


Piper Webb didn’t come to Rawhide Ranch looking for love.

At least, not the kind of love most people coming to a kink resort would be searching for.
She just wants someone who will cherish her. Someone who will care for the Little girl she’s longing to be, without any other… expectations.
Finding one person to love her like that seems impossible. Finding two, well, that would be a miracle. A miracle she’s convinced is too good to be real.
But when she pushes her new Mommy and Daddy to prove their love for her with an over-the-top prank, she might just learn that miracles really do happen at Rawhide.
And that the perfect Happily Ever After… is learning to love yourself.

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