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piped down, nichole rose

Piped Down (Clearwater Construction) by Nichole Rose – Free eBooks Download


This grumpy mountain man is good at laying pipe. But can he convince his mystery woman to give him a chance?

Caleb Maverick
Taking a last-minute plumbing project wasn’t on my agenda.
Neither was the curvy little ball of sunshine who answered the door.
Or her devilish little dog.
Now I’m waist-deep in water with hearts in my eyes.
The dog likes me. The woman? Not so much.
Sutton is hiding from something, and I think I might be in the way.
Too bad for her. I’m not going anywhere.
One way or another, she’s going to spill her secrets.
When she does, I’ll protect her from whatever sent her to Clearwater.
And then, I’m laying claim to every inch of her heart.

Sutton Reynolds
Hiding out in Clearwater was supposed to be relaxing.
I could put my guard down and breathe for a little while.
So tell me, why am I more stressed out than ever?
Oh, right. Because there’s a grumpy mountain man in my kitchen.
And he keeps saying filthy things to me.
Part of me wants to flee into the night.
The biggest part wants to see if Caleb can actually do that thing with his tongue.
There’s just one problem with that. He has no idea who I am…or who my parents are.
Once he finds out, he might change his mind about me.
I’m pretty sure that’s going to break my heart into pieces because I think I’m already falling for the filthy man.

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