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Pieces of Me (Midnight Steel Trilogy #1) by Lori J. Nelson – Free eBooks Download


In the world of music, there were bands…and then there was Midnight Steel.
The wild British rock band’s music and decadent lifestyle was as sizzling as its members – especially their lead guitarist Alek ‘Laz’ Lazare.
Laz was every male fan’s icon and every female fan’s fantasy. He rose up from the bowels of London, where with his best friend, Ethan they discovered their passion for music. Add two more boys from the neighborhood, and they became Midnight Steel. Once discovered and signed to a record deal, they skyrocketed to the top and never looked down becoming the kings of Rock and Roll.
For Laz, each new city, meant a different woman in his bed that night. That was until he met Caroline. His obsession with her had him blind to everything that was going on around him. Until the night, he discovered her ultimate betrayal. After that, for years he swore off falling in love, but the emptiness inside of him drove him away from the band and his life he loved. A near-fatal car accident on a snowy back road of Maine changed him in more ways than he could ever imagine.
Author, Corie Monroe enjoyed the quiet life she had built for herself in the woods of Maine. Although the peaceful country living brought her the inspiration she needed for her best-selling novels, it could not erase the painful memories that are resurrected during a recent blizzard. A car crash at the edge of her property during that storm brings a stranger into her life, whose heart is as tormented as hers.
Oblivious to his true identity, Corie nurses Laz back to health and finds herself falling dangerously for the handsome stranger. Laz, who she only knows as Alek, welcomes the attention from a woman who treats him like a normal man and not the celebrity he is. Over time, they slowly give in to healing each other’s hearts, but when the truth of his identity is accidentally revealed, will it be seen as a deliberate deception that may shatter the love that they both longed for or can he be forgiven?

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