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picturing their home, ember davis

Picturing Their Home (Banks Ink. #4) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


I’ve always been that awkward girl, the one who is better behind the camera than in front of it. I don’t like big crowds; I like to keep to myself. I only have my best friend because he didn’t give me much of a choice and cut through my awkwardness without even batting an eye.
The more time I spend around the Banks Ink. family and the more opportunities they give me to get my photography business off the ground, the harder it is to keep them at arm’s length. They wormed their way into my life without me even realizing it.
Then I met Walsh and Troy and everything they make me feel freaks me out. I don’t think they want me to choose and I never could, but I’m not that girl. I’m barely able to keep my own life together, how in the world can I open my life and my heart to two men?
How could I ever be enough for them? If I hurt them because I’m scared, can we ever find the forever that I can picture so clearly? What happens when that one night we spend together leaves me with more than just memories?

I made fun of all the men in our family who fell to their knees in front of their women, but that was before I met Ellie. I knew the moment I saw her that she was the woman for me, for us. I didn’t know why I spent so much time recently focusing on my family, but it all made sense when I saw her. Her grey eyes, so full of anxiety, make me want to wrap her in my arms and never let her go.
My parents didn’t give me a family to be proud of growing up, but Troy’s house was my haven from the judgement and disapproval back then. When his home life imploded, I helped him pick up the pieces; at least most of them. I can’t solve his commitment issues for him, but I can push for him to get it together so we can go after our girl. I can’t do it alone.
She keeps running from us, but I have enough faith for the three of us. I hope.

Knowing you’ve met the one and being ready for it are two very different things. I was used to being the comic relief, the lighthearted to the serious. I’m not used to more being expected from me. I saw what I thought was a happy marriage burn to ash when I was old enough to understand. It left scars, not that I’m proud of them, but they are what they are.
She keeps running and I’m not ready. I know it’s not fair to Walsh, but I don’t know that I’ll ever be ready to take on the forever that we all know could be ours.
How can you grab hold of that future when it scares the hell out of you? Ellie deserves so much more than me.
After one night together and it’s up to me to hold it all together, will I be enough?

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