Phoenyx Rising: Hell’s Heiress by Eve Newton (ePUB)

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Phoenyx Rising: Hell’s Heiress (Hell’s Heirs #1) by Eve Newton – Free eBooks Download


Not only am I the Devil’s Daughter, I’m also Hell’s Heiress and the Fifth Horseman.
What could possibly go wrong with this?

Quite a bit if you think about it. I’m Phoenyx Mara. My mother is the Devil and my father is the infamous Horseman of War and a massive obstacle when it comes to finding love. But I have my idea of how I want my life to go and in includes a male I can spend eternity with, even as I traverse the path towards my destiny. Finding the “Mr Right” in Hell is no easy task, but I’m not short of suitors who will give it a damn good go.
On top of this, I learn exactly what I was created for and why and the past comes back to haunt me in a big way.
It’s not something a girl wants to hear, but if I’ve been taught anything by the family around me, it’s to suck it up and deal with it.
I wish I could say it’ll be a blast, but fireworks aren’t my style. I’ll leave that to my younger sister. Suffice it to say, my life is about to get very interesting.

A Shared Universe series with Bound & Demon Queen, although this is a single couple paranormal romance.

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