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phoenix king, tj nichols

Phoenix King (Brothers of Fire #2) by TJ Nichols – Free eBooks Download


Kill the King of Mont de Leucoy, and his siblings will be released.

It should be an easy job for Malcolm Forrest. He’s ex-army, and hiking through snow doesn’t bother him because he’s a snow leopard shifter. He enters the country on four feet, his plan not formed beyond reaching the castle and getting eyes on the king.
Seeing a phoenix flying through the trees is unexpected, but his curiosity has been awakened, and so has the firebird’s. He follows, but what he finds is a man standing by a fire. A man he believes to be a shifter living wild and in need of some company, which, after days of living as a snow leopard, is rather too tempting.
Escaping his security to shift and fly is one of the reasons Gerrit likes to visit his remote mountain estate. The only shifters he ever finds are those in trouble, so when he sees the snow leopard, he’s happy to share his fire.
When the leopard shifts, Gerrit wants more than words. He’s tired of being alone and unable to connect because of who he is and the secret he needs to keep. He doesn’t expect to see the snow leopard again.
The next time they meet, Malcolm realizes who the phoenix is and how he missed his chance. With a magic-fueled blizzard closing in and no means of escape, he fails to act again. Instead, when Gerrit offers him shelter on his estate and in his bed, he accepts. Even though the lie eats him up. How can he kill a man who cares about his country, his family, his staff, and a stranger so much?

With lives on the line and too many secrets being kept, revealing the truth may be the only way out of the mess…but it will cost him more than his heart.

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