Perilous Pied Piper by Rose Sinclair (ePUB)

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Perilous Pied Piper (Big Bad Deeds #2) by Rose Sinclair – Free eBooks Download


A sleepy coastal town just signed on a perilously magical new hire that reveals the mayor’s heart and stunning empty pocketbook.

The Mayor of Hamelin
Everyone fears rats, so I never expected someone to claim the bounty. Then Piper struts into town all color and song and fixes the problem in a single afternoon. When I can’t pay, his playful banter turns into outright extortion. Threatening my reelection with a series of escalating pranks that I refuse to admit are actually funny.

The Pied Piper
I know Mayor Finch of Hamelin respects the law, so I can cash out if I push him. If he can’t afford me, a scandal is definitely too high of a price. Pushing his buttons and watching him squirm is far more fun anyway. I’d call it foreplay, but election season is so drawn out it might count as my longest relationship.
Playing dirty keeps me untouchable, but drawing this heated tension out further might tie me up in endless red tape. Despite the delight I take in tormenting him, I find myself wanting him to win. In the end, will I be one left with a broken heart?

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