Passion’s Lasting Promise by Amanda Mariel (ePUB)

passion's lasting promise, amanda mariel

Passion’s Lasting Promise (Castle Romance #1) by Amanda Mariel – Free eBooks Download


In the haunting ruins of Almerry Castle, scarred by war and shadowed by secrets, a chance encounter between a spirited woman and a war-weary soldier ignites a passion that defies history’s wounds in Passion’s Lasting Promise, a Regency tale of love’s enduring resilience.

In the enchanting sequel to Whispers of Desire journey back to a time of elegant Regency romance as Passion’s Lasting Promise unfolds.

Amidst the haunting ruins of Almerry Castle, a flicker of light guides the steps of Rebecca Summerville. Drawn by curiosity and an indomitable spirit, she stumbles upon an unexpected treasure—a chance encounter with Captain Camden Beauchamp. A soldier scarred by the trials of Waterloo, Camden seeks solace within the castle’s walls, only to be met with Rebecca’s spirited intrusion.
Haunted by the specter of her brother’s tragic demise on the battlefield, Rebecca harbors a deep aversion to all things military. Yet, as fate weaves its threads, her fearless defiance and compassionate heart kindle a spark of desire in Camden, one he never thought possible. Determined to bridge the chasm between their war-weary souls, Camden yearns to claim her affections, while Rebecca guards her heart, afraid to risk another shattering loss.
United by the echoes of love’s enduring legacy, can two souls scarred by the ravages of war find the courage to mend what the past has severed? As their worlds collide within the castle’s ancient walls, they must navigate a landscape of tender longing and unspoken secrets. In Passion’s Lasting Promise, desire and resilience entwine, proving that even amidst the remnants of history, love’s light can guide them through the darkness of their shared pasts.

Step into the shadows of Almerry Castle and let the echoes of love’s enduring legacy guide you through a Regency tale where passion’s promise ignites even the darkest corners of the heart.

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