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Parker (Castle Sin #5) by Linzi Basset – Free eBooks Download


“It’s going to be a pleasure peeling back each layer to find what’s driving you, and once I have … to put you back together piece by piece until the submissive emerges who will beg to be dominated by me.”
Parker Sinclair didn’t have a mother to teach him about love, but he had a big brother who taught him to be comfortable with his emotions. The day he found HER in the exclusive BDSM Club Alpha Cove in New York, her fate was sealed. Determined and ready for his forever love, Parker would stop at nothing to make her his. Like his spirit animal, the tiger, he had patience and nothing would stand in the way of what he was hunting … her heart.
“Let me go, you degenerate asshole!” It was a fight for survival … of her senses that she was sure had lost all sagacity of self-preservation.
Ava Harper ran away from home when she was fifteen, and because of her past, she didn’t believe in love … didn’t know HOW to love. Until HE walked into her life. She thought she was happy with her life and didn’t want for anything … a man least of all. But he proved that her need far outweighed her want while systematically unshackling the chains that bound the woman and the submissive deep inside her. A recalcitrant submissive at best who gave her Dom a run for his money at every turn.
Caught in a maelstrom of violence and corruption, the two lovers fought to keep each other and their loved ones safe as they realized that challenging fate was a losing battle.
And this time … fate struck hard.

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