Panama Canal Killer Cruise by Addison Moore (ePUB)

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Panama Canal Killer Cruise (Cruising Through Midlife: Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries #7) by Addison Moore – Free eBooks Download


An impending divorce. An ornery homicide detective. The cruise of a lifetime. And ghosts.
Midlife on the high seas is proving to be a real killer.
If I thought the first half of my life was a bumpy ride, I’d better buckle up because I’m about to go over the hill and off the rails.

A laugh out loud Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel by New York Times, USA TODAY, & Wall Street Journal bestseller Addison Moore. A cruise ship cozy mystery!

My name is Trixie Troublefield, and I live on a cruise ship. My days are filled with exciting shore excursions, nonstop buffets, and ceaseless games of bingo—can life get any better than this?
It’s Halloween onboard the Emerald Queen as we sail through the Panama Canal and the ship is playing host to the Hallow-Ink Mystery Writers Convention.
Authors from across the country have swarmed the ship with their noir narratives and peculiar plotlines. Who knew there could be so many ways to kill someone in fiction?

But fiction turns into chilling reality as we transit the Panama Canal. It’s spooky season onboard the Emerald Queen, and the ship is decked out in its macabre best for our annual costume party. But when an ornery ghost and a very real killer crash the festivities, even the authors who specialize in murder are left speechless. Who needs a whodunit novel when we have a live mystery unraveling on board?
We’re cruising through the glorious Panama Canal where every lock and gate seems to whisper a cryptic warning, carrying an undercurrent of danger that chills to the bone. And the echoes of a tumultuous past reverberate through its narrow passageways.
Ransom’s sister, who also happens to be the Captain’s ex-wife is coming along for the ride. It doesn’t help that there’s tension between her and her brother, not to mention the extreme discord between her and the Captain. With tensions mounting, I’m swimming in a sea of family drama and deadly secrets. Throw in a notorious Colombian drug lord to the mix, who also happens to be the latest flame of our scorned guest and suddenly, bingo seems the least of my concerns.

I’m about to discover that the most terrifying ghost isn’t the one moaning on the Lido deck. It’s the deadly secrets lurking in the hearts of those I hold dear.
One thing’s for sure, this cruise will be one for the crypt-keeper.

Midlife on the high seas is proving to be murder.

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