Paging Doctor Grump by Josie Hart (ePUB)

paging doctor grump, josie hart

Paging Doctor Grump by Josie Hart – Free eBooks Download


Five years ago, a one night stand with a hot alpha doctor ruined s*x with anyone else for me.

I’ll never forget the way Brookes’ eyes devoured me.
How his lips felt on mine while his hands explored every inch of my body.
“You look beautiful tonight, by the way.”
As soon as the door closed, he was all over me.
And I was on the edge of falling apart.
But our one night of fun ended with heartache when the jerk pulled a Houdini.
Now half a decade later, I’m chasing my dream of working in an ER.
And the first step is nailing this medical fellowship.
Except my success hinges on my partner’s performance too.
Guess who’s the last one standing without a workmate?
And Brookes.

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