Pack Plus Three by Melissa Huxley (ePUB)

pack plus three, melissa huxley

Pack Plus Three (Pucking Pregnant #1) by Melissa Huxley – Free eBooks Download


He’s the famous hockey player, and I’m the pregnant Omega next door…

My past was filled with mistakes, and knocking on a strange man’s door for a taste of his spicy food to satiate my craving was bound to be another one. The sparks were instant, and the bond I never expected to have grew, leaving me afloat as my due date loomed overhead.
I thought my pregnancy would be the issue that kept us apart, and I’d raise my child alone. I hoped I was wrong, but everything in my world was uncertain.
Adding Jeremy, Devon, and Nate to the mix might not be helpful. Jeremy, with his caring heart, took me in, and Devon filled my new home with laughter. Together, they reminded me of a kindness that I had forgotten.
Nate was the only one who hadn’t accepted me, and although I never intended to come between the three of them, his refusal left him battling against his pack mates’ desires, sending us all into a whirlwind of emotion as they fought amongst themselves.
Because Jeremy might not be the dad, but he wanted to be.

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